Need Help Fast!!!!!!!!!


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Need Help Fast!!!!!!!!!

Ok heres the deal I have a 1998 Oldsmobile Achieva and I have been having some problems with it, but yesterday was the final worst. While driving yesterday I went to make a turn and my car dies well to make a long story short I had my car towed to the nearest garage and found out the my serpinten (spelling?) belt had snapped well I got that fixed but now just today I was driving and I turned on my AC and for about an hour it worked great well I stopped and went into the store and when I came out the AC no longer worked nothing I turned the knobs and still nothing at all, please help me I need this car. I was wondering if the mechanic didnt time my belt could that cause the problem? Please help thank you all in advance for your help.
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no timing

There is no timing on a serpintine belt.There is on a timing belt.I would check the wires going to the A/C compressor they might have been barley on and fell off.Check all wires I think one is loose.
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Does air come out the vents?If not check the blower motor fuse or blower motor resistor and blower motor.I will wait for your answer.
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Ok I just just all the fuses and there is a bule mico blade fuse that say 15amps on it that is blown is this the fuse "it says Aux and cig ligher?

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