GMC Cruise Control


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GMC Cruise Control

The cruise control on my 1996 GMC Savanna van doesn't work. The dealer scoped it and said it was the module. They want $650 to repair it. Is the module easy to get at? Is it something I could do myself?
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Was it the cruise control module or the vehicle control module?Very big differance in cost and both can cause no cruise control operation.Always make note of which module is referred to as most parts(electronic)are called modules today.You will also find that dealer only parts will be big bucks.It's going to get worse too as programable modules become more common place.You can't replace a PCM on a newer car and have it run without a tow to the dealer.BCM's are all becoming program only to work.Another trip to the dealer for programming.Biggest problem is once these parts(some)are programmed to a certain vehicle you can not put them in another vehicle and have them work.(Used parts)So if the manufacturer decides to discontinue a part the vehicle may be rendered useless before it's time.Unless the aftermarket decides to build the part or reman one.That is not very likely because it would need programmed at a dealer and older programs are dropped to allow space(freed memory)for current automotive software.Wow I went off on that one sorry.If the vcm is bad it's big bucks if the conectors are melted from brake fluid it will be more.If it's the cruise module buy a used one and install yourself.(easy)

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