cost of repairing Honda Civic cracked oil pan

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cost of repairing Honda Civic cracked oil pan

Hi -

My 1998 Honda Civic has a cracked oil pan. I have been told by a mechanic that on each oil change, the gasket around the plug should also be changed (only a few $). He said that, in this case, this plug has been rammed in repeated oil changes, and has now resulted in a cracked oil pan (aluminum).

My second estimate in repairing this is amounting to $425/450. Does this sound like a fair price or not?

Many thanks,

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Hi, JenC-
Did you go to a dealer, or an independent mechanic? I can't speak to the $425+ for a new oil pan, but his estimate of "only a few $" for a drain plug gasket is off. I've paid from $0.85 to $1.25 for drain plug gaskets. It's about the size of a nickel, and is a simple step in a routine oil change.

I did a search of the Honda newsgroup (find it at and read about a number of alternatives:

~ weld the cracks
~ re-thread the drain bolt
~ replace the oil pan with a pan from a junkyard
~ replace the pan yourself

According to the newsgroup, removing the pan requires removal (or at least loosening) of the exhaust pipe to gain enough access to the pan. This may be what's driving the estimated price up (labor time). Use a NEW oil pan gasket if you go this route.

Advice from an independent Honda mechanic may be your best bet. (Independent mechanics who do not specialize in Hondas use a service estimation manual to determine labor hours and parts, so they may not be as familiar with the process as a Honda mechanic.)

Can anyone speak to the $425+ estimate?
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Once you get your pan repaired, check into an oil drain adaptor. They replace the normal plug and gasket with a valve and dust cover. They also have a short, screw on hose which opens the valve and allows the oil to drain. That may reduce the possiblity of future oil changers over torquing the plug. Not sure if I can mention names, but the maker of the very popular orange colored oil filters makes them.

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