92 firebird wont start


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92 firebird wont start

my firebird got stuck in a flood now it wont start
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Couple of questions:

1. How deep was the water.
2. Will the engine at least turn over when you turn the key or do you just get a loud click and no rotation of the engine.

You've likely got one of two problems. Either (a) the water was deep enough to have been sucked in through the intake and has hydro-locked it (cylinder full of water), or (b) if it cranks okay but won't start, you've got water intrusion into one of dozens of posible places that is causing a short. If this is the case, you've got a long hard road towards fixing it with a strong possibility that it will never be quite right, especially if we're talking DEEP water. If the engine is water-locked you MIGHT get it going by removing the spark plugs and cranking to dry it out. If the engine already cranks okay, don't bother with this step.
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He's right, most likely you got hydro-locked. Thos firebirds aren't very high off the ground to begin with. Try what he said with the spark plugs removed or you may be able to get a wet/dry vacuum line down in there to try and dry it out. Or just pull the thing out and rebuild it to be sure. Not the cheapest way but lets face it, its the funnest.
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If the water was deep enough to get in the dash wiring junk the car now and accept your loss.Everything electrical will fail in a short period of time.Water probably entered the trans through the vent tube also so if you fire it up without changing the fluid the trans will need overhauled also unless it's full of water and would need to be rebuilt anyhow.Brand new cars that get flooded are junked due to all the electrical(safety)liability.

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