newby needs help


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newby needs help

I have a 1972 ford f100 pickup that i have purchased from a friend. the motor is a 351w. they run it out of oil,overheated it, which locked the motor up. i removed the belt, took all of the spark plugs out and then filled each cylinder with lucas hub oil(the real thick stuff). i let it sit for a week before attempting to turn the crank. the oil did the trick, the engine will turn over all the way intill one spot then it will catch ,you can turn it all the way in the oppest direction and will also catch in the same spot. i took the heads off to inspect for cylinder wall damage but found no damage on pistons or cylinder walls. i inspected the heads and found one rockerarm laying on top of the head and also one of the push rods wasn't in the lifter. i havent went any further because of lack of time and motor lift, could someone please give me a idea of what the problem might be and if it will be costly to fix.
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A bad connecting rod bearing/connecting rod comes to mind.The engine will need torn down,inspected and repaired if possible.If the block is still in servicable condition.The other thing is if you remove the oil from the cylinders it may turn over.General physics you can not compress a liquid.
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You might wanna try spraying some carb cleaner or letting a little bit of tranny fluid sit in the cylinders. Maybe just some carbon you can't see. Worth a shot and its cheap but davos probably right about the connecting rod bearing.

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