95 Toyota Camry Smells Bad!


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95 Toyota Camry Smells Bad!

I recently purchased a 95 Toyota Camry DX. When you run air conditioner it smells very bad. Smells like poop. Has anyone experienced this problem?

Any help is appreciated.
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Their is a product you can spray up the drain, have not used it but it seems it would work. Very common with all a/c units.

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bad smell

The air conditiong problem is most likely your Heater Core. It should smell like a stinky syrup or hot antifreeze. If you drive it around at night and the windows fog up real easy it IS your heater core. You could go and have it repaired or bypass it all together if you live someplace hot like phoenix or something.
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It's most likely mildew on the evaporator as Toyotaman suggested. They make a few chemicals that can be shot in there or just a spray of bleach will work also. The hardest thing is getting access to the core. You may have to cut a 1" hole in the housing to get a good shot at it. Just make sure you know where your drilling and well clear of the core. A little A/C tape will cover the hole after.
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a way to avoid mildew

Once you kill the smell you can prevent furter mold by turning off A/C and having the selector set on fresh air not recirc blower on high.Let it run for a min or two.This will dry the evaporater and ducts.
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Smelly Camry

Thanks for the replies. I know absolutely nothing about cars. If I buy some kind of deoderizer to put in air conditioner, do I spray this stuff in the heater coil? Is there any easy way for someone to explain how I do this?

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