95 monte carlo, all of a sudden slips/acts like netrual in every gear!! Please help!!


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95 monte carlo, all of a sudden slips/acts like netrual in every gear!! Please help!!

I have a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo.
3.4l Z34 Automatic
I woke up the other day, got into the car and now every gear acts like netrual, I have to rev it up just to get it to coast in reverse.
I change the filter about 1 1/2 ago, and had the fluid flushed and changed about 6 months ago. After I rev it into 1st, and coast (about 5 MPH) the check engine light comes on and then it starts to work alittle better, and after about an hour, it all better. Seems like it doesn't do it when its warmed up. If I let it sit for more than 4 hours, it back to netrul on every gear.
Please Help
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Check the fluid level. Sounds like it is low. If that is not the problem you should take it to a transmission specialist.
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Fluid levels perfect.
I did take it to a specialist, but they wanta put a whole new transaxle in, and I think there just trying to get the most out me.
Just trying to find any other solutions
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The symptoms to me sounds like it could be a bad torque converter. Had the same thing happen on a Nissan truck. I'm no expert, but thought I would let you know.
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I change the filter about 1 1/2 ago,

you changed the filter about 1 1/2 what ago ???

when did the problem begin to occur?

how long have you been coaxing it to go by revving it and coasting?

get the check engine light checked...there may be a trans code that would help with understanding.

my advice...take it to a different "specialist" that will spend some time with it and explain to you what the chain of events has been to this point. it may well be that it's time to overhaul or replace that tranny...it happens...and by "revving" it to get it to go, you may have accelerated it's demise.
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Exclamation Torque converter and tranny

About the samething happened to my 95 Z. Was working perfectly, going down the road, then woosh, I lost all my tranny power and I coasted to the side of the road. With the rpms way high and in first second gear(all I could get into) I limped it the 3 miles home.
Torque converter is more than likely gone. There is also a high failure rate of one of the parts inside the tranny. (original 95 tranny's.) It's a part that kind of looks like a stove pipe with holes in it. 3-4 in diameter, 8inches long or so. I had to get the tranny rebuilt with a new upgraded "stove pipe" part and new seals and stuff. $2500 at Amco Transmission. Make sure your car is worth the cost. I have had lots of engine problems on my 95Z. Lots of fun when all is working smooth, but lots of headache most of the time.

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