1994 Nissan Sentra won't turn over


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1994 Nissan Sentra won't turn over

Yesterday my car died in the middle of the road. I tried to restart it but it just made a ticking noise. So I got out of the car and a kind gentlemen pushed it to the side, let me use his cell phone and I went back to the car to get my stuff. Tried to start it again, and this time it started, so I was able to drive it up to a store parking lot, but it died again right before I got to the parking space. Later on that day, my husband was able to drive it to his office parking lot.
Does anyone know what the problem could be? Old battery? a short in a plug to the battery? I hardly ever drive this car.
Thanks in advance.
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Alternator going bad. If you can, limp it to your favorite garage and have them do an output check. Takes about 30 seconds.
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Nissan Sentra

Next time your car dies see if you can turn on the headlights. If they don't come on its a dead battery or a shot alternator. If its the alternator your running ONLY on battery juice and when its empty it dies and slowly recharges itself. If the lights come on it could be something like an oil pressure problem or maybe even a speed sensor depending on how fast you were going. If you stop at a light and the car kinda stumbles before it dies, its probably something like a speed sensor. God i miss the days of the computerless vehicles and carburetors. Have a good one.
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Thanks to both of you.
I ended up buying a new alternator and some other stuff to the tune of $400.

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