88' Plymouth Voyager van smokes....


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88' Plymouth Voyager van smokes....

I know I know.. dont they all...

Its very likely leaky valve guide seals.. its not that bad but adds up or seems worse while sitting.. as in my wife sitting in the drop off line at school dropping the kids off.

I was told that using a synthetic oil such as Mobile One would stop the smoking as Synthetics dont smoke...

What is the oppinion on this here?

I cant fix it the right way atm but the school has gotten complaints about the smoke in the drop off line.

Any ideas and or suggestions?
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never heard of...

....synthetic not smoking...i spose it's possible, but i'd be surprised. yeah...the right thing to do pull the heads and do the guides...not just the seals. they have hells of problems with them.

here's an idea...could she turn it off and just start it when she needs to move? other than that...who cares if the school gets complaints...if you can't afford to fix it, you can't afford it.

what about a different pick up spot?

how about she parks and walks over to meet your child?

ps.....................mobil 1 ain't all that cheap either
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All valid options and at this point it may be the only option.

The school has the drop off/pick up line and just got rid of the only small parking lot they had.

This morning she HAD TO park a couple blocks up and walk my kids in, thought I would ask about the synthetics though as I had never heard of such a thing and I didnt want to add in stop leak or anything of that sort...

How much might the part's cost for this job as I could have my cousin do it for a case of Skoll.
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FYI - synthetic

I don't know about the smoking, but on two high-mileage vehicles (1987 Dodge Dakota with 170K mi and a 1994 Ford Tempo with 152K mi) I have discovered that synthetic oil will leak when non-synthetic does not. I suppose that this could mean that the synthetic oil is a better lubricant as it is flowing into areas (defective seals) where standard oil doesn't. Changing back to standard oil resolved the leak problem. I offer this as an FYI, in case you make the switch, then see oil spots in your driveway.
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Just Curious If You Got It Fixed Yet And Either Way What Engine Is In It The 2.5 Turbo In My Old One Did The Same And Wound Up Doing The Head Gasket And Then Was Fine ( The Kit Includes The Seals)
Also Are You Sure It Is Oil Smoke And Not Anti Freeze I.e. Head Gasket? Just Wondering.

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