Almost no air flow at vents and defrost for A/C in 92 Caprice wagon


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Question Almost no air flow at vents and defrost for A/C in 92 Caprice wagon

I just converted the air in my Caprice to 134a and now when I try to use the air there is hardly any air blowing from the vents. I also switched it to defrost and there isn't much air flowing there either. I don't think it was working before I fixed the air, but, I can't be sure. I tracked down about 6 vacuum lines under the dash. They all went to a block of 8 connectors. They are all color coded and seem to be in the proper configuration, but, only one had a vacuum - the purple one. Any help would be appreciated!!!
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I'm no mechanic, just a home wanna, i'm just going to answer, trying to return the favor for all the help I got here. You mentioned you think it didn't work before you converted to the 134A, have you tested, checked the blower motor? Seems you checked all the vacuum lines. Just adding my 2 cents :-) Let us know your findings, thanks and good luck!
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Thumbs up Yup, I checked the blower

Thanks for the reply! Yes, I did check the blower motor. Also you can hear that it is working just fine. It's just that the air isn't making it to the vents. Some of the people I've talked to told me about the vacuum lines and that some door might not be opening like it should to let the air go where it should. Anyway, thanks for trying.

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try getting... air distribution diagram for the HVAC system. that will show you the pathway for airflow and the location of the door actuators that control the air delivery. with that info you can switch the control to the different modes and then verify that vacuum is reaching the door actuators. you can also disconnect the door linkages and move the doors by hand to determine if one has frozen...they should move back and forth to either extreme easily by hand. you can also watch the door actuators for the proper movement when vacuum is applied to them. good luck
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Thanks for the info. Would the diagram be available at a site like Anyway, thanks again. I will try what you suggest


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