Jeep Cherokee (2000) Instrument Problem


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Jeep Cherokee (2000) Instrument Problem

My wife's 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport recently started to lose tach and speedometer indications randomly and for short periods of time (problem self-corrects). Most of the time, the "airbag" and/or "check engine" light will come on (not always). Sometimes the lights come on and go off intermittently irregardless of the status of the tach and speedometer. Vehicle has approx. 39K miles. Computer?????????? Sensor????????? ANY IDEAS??? Appreciate any help. . . . . . ron
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You may have a bad connection, broken wire or loose ground somewhere.Make sure the battery cables are clean and tight that means remove them and look.It sounds like you could have a faulty module losing communication with other modules causing your symptoms.I don't know how the communication is set up on Jeeps but I think someone with a scan tool for Jeeps(dealer scan tool)will need to check for codes.If it were just the check engine light and the tach/speedo problem Auto Zone could read the pcm codes.If it were a Gm I would be looking at the body control module first and suspect it may be also true in your case.That or a faulty instrument panel cluster.
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Jeep Cherokee (2000) Instrument Problem

Thanx for the suggestions, Davo. I'll check battery connections & connector interfaces. If that doesn't resolve it, think I'll head for the dealer and see what their scanner says. Thanx again for your help. . . . Ron

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