1994 Dodge Caravan Ignition Switch


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1994 Dodge Caravan Ignition Switch

I placed the key in the cylinder and gave it a turn to start up the van.
The key turned pretty freely - there was no resistance. It did power
on the accessories, etc, but there wasn't that extra push required to
crank the starter, and the starter did nothing. And it just didn't feel

I played with it for a while, and found that if I pushed the key *into*
the switch very, very hard , it would grab something inside and the
starter would crank. I've been able to start it five times like that
since noon, but each time it gets worse and worse.

I have to fix it tomorrow AM.

I'm not sure if I need an ignition switch, or a cylinder, or both.

Anyway, I'm hopin' this forum will have an answer for me.

The dealer guestimated $260 plus tax. I need to do this much cheaper.

Can someone give me their opinion, and tell me tell me how to replace the
switch/cylinder. ( I found bits and pieces online, but not the whole story -
I think I'll need a secure torx driver as well - hope they have that at the
parts store. )

Your help is appreciated...

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the lock cylinder is what commonly breaks but it could also be the ignition switch wont know till you check it after removing the upper and lower plastic covers around steering column there is a pin that you can push in to remove the lock cylinder then the cylinder will pull out you may have to have the key in a certain position before the pin will push in cant remeber if its on or off position.
if there is a corner broken off on the lock cylinder then you will know that is the problem just remove the broken piece and install a new lock cylinder. if the lock cylinder is not broken then i would suspect the ignition switch.

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