99 Taurus Problem 24v 3.0l engine


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99 Taurus Problem 24v 3.0l engine

Hey folks,

The Service Engine light recently came on for my 99 Taurus with 41,000 miles.

I notice it now Ideals high (2k rpm cycling down to 1k and back up) and rough, and is hard to brake . . and from a stop will actually cruise on up to 40+ mph with no gas pedal application.

2 questions . .
1) Is there a way to read the internal Diagnostic codes for this model/year? without a system computer? You all probably remember the old "ignition switch on off on off on" thing for older vehicles.

2) Do these symptoms give any good ideas on what might be the cause??

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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it MUST be read...

...with a scan tool. you can take it to autozone and they will read the code for free. don't bother asking what the code is or means as likely what they tell you will be inaccurate. post the exact code number with any letters here and someone here will give you the straight shot on the code. you can proceed from there...sounds at this point like you are describing a stuck idle air control...fairly common with fords. verify by getting codes first
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I'll stop by Autozone during lunch!!

Thanks again
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P0401 . . Egr??

Autozone says P0401 and another associated with the O2 sensor P0201<?> didn't get that one written down tho.

They cleareed the Service engine light . . and it did come back after a short drive.
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The PO401 is an EGR code for low flow. This system uses multiple components and is a little complicated to diagnose so you may have to resort to bringing it to a reputable shop for further diagnosis. Common causes for that are bad PFE, passage plugged with carbon, bad EVR etc. There are some self diagnostic tests that they can put it through and Auto Zone cannot. That PO201 is not an O/2 code, it's an injector code so you'd better check on that again.

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