94 Dodge Spirit idling high


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Thumbs down 94 Dodge Spirit idling high

It wants to idle at about 45, the past couple days. Today, it was doing that during rush hour on the freeway, hence my breaks starting burning since I couldn't go faster than 20. Any idea what the problem could be???

Thanks in advance for any help offered!
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Engines only idle when the transmission is in park or neutral (automatic), or the clutch pedal is pushed in (manual)
Do you mean the car doesn't want to go less than 45 MPH?

Automatics have a "creep" factor- you let off the brake, it "creeps" forward
It sounds like (forgive me if I'm wrong) it's "creeping" forward @ 45 MPH
That would be frightening and burn up your brakes

If the idle is too high (say...2000 RPM) on a manual, you could get a clutch-pedal-release-in-first-gear-shoot-forward thing
Also frightening but doesn't sound like what you are describing

Just trying to be clear
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creeping along...

Ok, I have an automatic transmission, and yes, it is a "creep" factor, not an "idle" one; thank you for at least clearing that up for me. However, it even wants to creep when at a full stop. Like at a light or stop sign (when fully stoped, but not in Park), the engine will sputter, like it doesn't want to slow down.

Any idea what may be causing the creep???

My husband, who knows very little about cars, checked the fluids (they are fine), and then checked the hoses. One of the hoses was not quite on right, so he adjusted that one night with the car on. The next morning, the car was doing just fine until I hit about 80 on the freeway, then the problems started back up again. Check Engine light comes on....

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code red

Uh oh...get that code read
It may have some valuable info
Autozone and some other parts places will pull the codes for you for free, or some shops may do it for a small fee

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