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Question Ticking and oil light

I'm having a problem with the oil levels in my engine.. I have an '89 mitsubishi mightymax.. it has 250k on it but the engine was rebuilt at 225k.. I was driving it to work about a week ago.. and was accelerating from a stop sign up to 55 and about half way there my engine started vibrating and ticking.. so i drove the mile going about 50 until i got to work.. then i checked my oil and everything just to see if it was all ok.. the oil was on the MAX line of the dipstick.. so i was confused and had no idea what it was.. well.. then i was driving home.. and it got worse and the oil light came on.. so i pulled over and added 2 quarts of oil because i didnt know what else to do.. it didnt get better so i just drove it home... the oil light is on and the oil level on the dipstick is far above max.. what could this be??

PLZ help!

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well, it sounds to me like an oil pump problem.

do you have an oil pressure gauge? if not, I would have the oil pressure checked on it, pressure is different with almost all engines, but for most 20 lbs. is at least suitable for lubrication.
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I dont have a pressure guage on it.. i pretty much figured it was the pump i was just hoping it would be something a little easier to fix..
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Ditto the above. I don't know much about your car...but I must agree, sounds like an oil pump jump. I'm sure one of the auto guru's here will tell you if it's easy or not to change.
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Yea.. thats what i figured.. I checked my haynes manual before posting this because i was hoping it might be easy.. but i have to pull every pump off the front of the engine and release the timimg chain.. maybe its time to just get a new truck.. ill have to check into gettin it fixed tho... thanx for the help tho

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