Please help 95 Olds Aurora shift/check engine light


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Please help 95 Olds Aurora shift/check engine light

My Olds Aurora has been in the shop since October with transmission/check engine light trouble. The car stopped shifting on a trip out of town. I took it to my mechanic, usually an excellent choice, but the car is not repaired yet. After replacing the transmission, the check engine light stays on. The mechanic checked the recalls and there was a recall and the computer was sent to Detroit twice. However, the car is still not running. It's currently at another dealer who has the equipment to test the computer codes. The car still is not road worthy -- good only for local driving apparently.

This really puzzles me. What's going on? Is this car repairable? If not, why not? Any suggestions on my next move?

I'm getting desparate. I need reliable transportation and need the car working.
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I guess I don't understand why the ECM was pulled and sent out for repair unless it was displaying the characteristics for the recall.

when you said the transmission was replaced, was it a new one, or used?
was the ecm cleared after the repair?

if the mechanic didn't clear the ecm after making the repair, it may still be working from data it retrieved from the old transmission.
although if it was sent out, I guess it would be cleared by now.

if it was a used transmission, it may be faulty.

you said it was only good for town travel, what exactly is the problem? is it not shifting?
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Please Help! 95 Olds Aurora check engine lite /won't shift

It was a used transmission. The recall work was not done by the previous owner, so the mechanic was able to talk the manufacturer into doing the recall work past it's deadline. I asked to have the error codes, but at this point it seems to be an either or -- reads with a check engine light or won't shift.

I understand the Aurora was a hybrid car and the mechanic said it's just not working together. One part will come clear then another problem comes up. I've read that Auroras had some electrical problems and I did get the check engine light coming on at times when there was not trouble.

It didn't occur to me that the transmission that was put in had a problem. I'd be surprised this mechanic would not recognize that. But this is strange.

Thanks for your reply.

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