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This is off topic but I hope everything is ok for members living in Florida.I know Desi lives there and I'm sure there are others.I hope everything gets back to normal as soon as possible.
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Thanks Davo, Although my area was untouched, some areas were destroyed a lot like Andrew did in 92. I have some friends in Ft Meyers that suffered some damage but were in pretty good shape compared some who's homes are now toothpicks. There were a lot of deaths in the trailer parks, mainly because it was forecast to hit 100 miles further north. I'm not sure who from this site may live in that area but I know most of them will be without power in some cases, 6 weeks. We may hear from them after that.
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My folks live in Punta Gorda
They were up in Vermont closing the sale of their summer cottage this weekend
Thank goodness
Mom got to see the roof of the new neighborhood firehouse ripped off and their gas station gone missing on TV
I'm not sure that was helpful
Someone they know got into the neighborhood-they weren't allowed out of their car-drove by and said their walls are still up and roof still on
The deck and pool are toast (if he could tell that from the road, they must be)
They couldn't get out to check the big windows in back and the boat, but hey that's some info
Even cell phone coverage is pretty sketchy
I'm just thankful they weren't there
Prayers out to all who were
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where in vt was the cottage. I would love to own a place up there. My GrandMother and Uncle, Aunt and cousins etc live in Montpeiler
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Woodford, Pop. 364

Woodford, outside of Bennington, on top of Prospect Mtn. right on the lake
So it's pretty far south, but it was only 2.5 hrs. from me

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