tire clicking


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tire clicking

I don't know what exactly is the noise I hear; however. here is my situation.

I have a dodge ram 1500, year 2000. The truck has about 65 thousand miles.

The noise started today along the front, driverside wheel. At first, I thought it was a rock or tack in the tire; but, as i paid more attention to it, the noise changed. Of course, when I speed up, it quickens; and, when i slow down, it slows. The noise sounds like a clicking, not very loud; but, noticeable.

I am seriously concerned about this since I have no idea of what it is, or how to fix it. Plus, I doubt I can cover repaire cost.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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why not try...

looking at the tire to see if there IS a rock or something foreign in the tread first. then try taking it to someone...like a tire shop and have them listen and look (assuming you don't see what the probelm is). it's hard to swallow that you have a 2000 model year truck and can't pay for a repair. all vehicles require maintenance and repair at some point...better that than letting it go til it lets you down, don't ya think?
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Thanks for the advice. The day after I posted, I took my truck to a brake shop and found the problem. The brake was offset and rubbing the inside of the wheel. And yes, on a teacher's salary, its kinda hard making repairs on a tight budget.

thanks anyway.

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