1993 Plymouth voyager


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1993 Plymouth voyager

1993 Plymouth Voyager with 135,000 miles. 3.3 Engine. Having trouble with engine, It will be going along fine and at times it will almost stop as it would appear that it isn't getting gas and then will go again. Put in a new fuel filter but that didn't help. I'll probably have to take it in to a mechanic, but in the meantime does anyone have ideas what may be wrong?

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Could be a your fuel pump, but could also be something ignition related that is having an intermittent failure when hot. Time to see your mechanic.
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the problem is...

...that there are too many ideas to be of real help to you at this point. unless you have some diagnostic equipment and want to spend some time getting the problem to occur and eliminating possibilities...then TTG is right...probably time to get it to your friendly, local service provider. if you have access to fuel pressure guage and stuff like that and want to mess with it...we can guide you.

post back your desires...and be sure to let us know if you've had it checked and/or repaired

good luck
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thanks for your messges. Yes, I did need to take it to my mechanic. The oxygen sensor and EGR Valve was replaced. Also installed new plugs. Everything is working Good.

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Have you changed air filter? Maybe water in gas or clogged fuel injecter. Try some gas treatment in gas.

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