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Sound off!

We just bought a 1991 Subaru Legacy. When you push the horn symbols on either side of the steering wheel, nothing happens. I looked under the hood and located the horn. The electrical wires were hooked up to it. The horn did not seem to be damaged in any way. I also checked the fuse for the horn, and it was not blown.

So now what do I do? I want the horn to work, because sometimes you need to warn people or even animals. Any help would be appreciated.

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Try this it must be quiet to do this test engine off on a quiet street.Push horn button and listen for a relay click.
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Doublecheck the fuse with a known good fuse. I have had blown fuses that looked ok visually, but were in fact bad. Or use a test light by probing both posts on the fuse to make sure they have power.

If you find that that the fuse is good and the relay clicks like 'michael van' suggested checking, then go to the horn and disconnect the connector and check for power to the horn with a test light. If you are getting power there, then its either the horn itself that is bad, or a bad ground.

If you dont get a click from the relay, you will have to find where the relay is located and install a known good one. (Possibly a neighboring relay of the same type.) If this doesnt help, you will have to check if you are getting power to the relay from the horn switches.

This is a good start to trace down the problem. If you dont find it, post back and we will go from here.

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