Rough Idle - tail pipe sucks air in!


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Rough Idle - tail pipe sucks air in!

00 Mercury Villager, 70,000 miles

My Van idles rough, you can also hear a sputtering from the exhast tailpipe. If you hold a dollar over the tailpipe, ever few seconds it will get sucked in! On older cars I think that meant a bad exhaust valve, but I don't know about an 00 Villager.

I tuned it up - air/fuel filters, plugs, wires, rotor, etc. No luck.

Any idea what this could be, could an EGR valve or something else cause this type of problem?

Other than this problem, the Van runs fine.

Thanks very much!
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You should check the exhaust pipe and manifold for any gaps or holes.. I had the same problem.. I popped the hood and listened and could hear the manifold making noise so I looked.. I had a 1/2 inch gap between the exhaust and manifold..
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a compression test would need to be run to see if a cylinder is low if there is a cylinder low then you may have a valvetrain problem but it would be uncommon to happen at that low of mileage.
also if it usues a timing belt it is possible that it may have jumped timing on one head.
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Thanks, I checked the exhaust and found no problems.

Could some type of Oxgen sensor, EGR, PVC Valve or other type of thing cause this problem? Rough idle is one thing, but the sucking in of air from tail-pipe has got me for a loss.

This is a very well maintained vehicle (a 2000 with 70,000 miles) and runs fine (other than this problem). No engine lights, etc. So I really would be surpised to have a bad exhaust valve. Any other ideas of what could cause this type of problem?

Thanks again!
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I think what your experiencing is normal....OBD II vehicle will set a light in a heartbeat even if thinks there was the slightest problem.

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