Removing & Installing a Transmission


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Removing & Installing a Transmission

My transmission is slipping and my fluid is dark (although it does not smell burnt). Its a pretty simple automatic transmission (904, 3 speed) - but I didn't feel confident in rebuilding it myself. I took it to Aamco, and got a quote of 'minimum $950, average $1350'. I asked what that meant exactly - and basically until they opened the transmission - they wouldn't be able to give me a precise estimate.

My vehicle is a 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sport (TJ) - its a 6 cylinder 4.0 Liter engine - so I searched around for a good replacement transmission (rebuilt or used out of a wreck with some kind of warranty).

I found a used transmission in top shape (18k miles, from a 2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ) for $500 - so I decided to buy that and either install it myself or get it installed.

After calling around get getting price quotes in the $400 range (simply to remove the old and install the new transmission) - I'm considering installing it myself. I am pretty handy - just didn't feel comfortable working with so many small parts inside that transmission.

I own a socket set, wrenches/pliers, funnels, work gloves, and a floor jack. What other tools would I need to get this done (transmission jack adapter for my floor jack?).

How much fluid should I purchase? (I was thinking I'd buy 15 quarts and return whatever I didn't use)

Is this a one person job? Or should I try to recruit a 'less handy' friend? While on this forum I'm a novice - I'm generally the handiest person I know as I work with tools almost every day (just not usually on cars).

Or - would you recommend my going somewhere to get it done. Should this really cost $400? Its been my experience that doing work on a Jeep Wrangler is usually pretty easy.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I would suggest taking it to a shop to have it installed.
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I'm afraid you may need more tools.It doesn't sound like you have alot,no offense implied.You would need a trans jack or adaptor and possibly tools you don't own(not available free either from freinds)so the cost may go up to where you are not saving a whole bunch in the end.If you decide to tackle the job you must flush the cooler and lines prior to installing the replacement tran or it will also fail.Did the place you bought the trans make sure it would fit and function properly by the hollander manual?The quarts of fluid,10 should be enough I would think if it were bone dry.
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Wow this thread is old, But to anyone else that would like to try and remove and reinstall there own transmission it is really not that hard. I'm 17 and i removed my transmission, replaced my clutch, reinstalled my transmission by my self using my dads tools. The tools i needed for the job were a Torque wrench, Breaker bars, Socket set, Wrenches, ramps, jack stand And i bought a transmission adapter. I would recommend buying a Haynes or Chilton guide for your car you will NEED it if you have never done a transmission before. For fluids, call your car dealership and ask them. They will be able to give you all the capacity's and torque's if you ask. Also if you every remove your transmission REPLACE YOUR CLUTCH WHEN ITS OUT!! For the amount of work it takes to take the transmission out vs the cost of a new clutch its a no brainer. Good luck to anyone trying to do replace there transmission, oh btw i would keep my out transmission and take it i part and try and try fix it if you have time.
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Dude you probably installed your trans 6 years ago. but you can do it with all the tools you list. a trans is simply a small 2x4 and use your sockets sorry for the very late response. muhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Yeah 7 year old post, but as an aside, I pulled my 1955 chevy powerglide as a teenager (1964), without a jack to let it down. Man that thing nearly crushed my chest. Little did I know it was cast and weighed a million pounds. Proper tools make the difference.
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yeah, try pulling Suzuki Sidekick 4x4 one out without transmission jack. 1st time we had 2 people doing this. by far that thing is about the size of the car itself, with all the low gears, t-case and such. 2nd time my helper got very very late. so i had the honors of yanking it out. it was not hard to remove, but shear size of the damn thing... guy kept busting his clutch plates going all kinds of wild places fishing.
that was a hundred dollar pay job. yep. and we had a bottle of vodka/ by 3 drinkers.

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