Help problems with a 99 saturn


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Help problems with a 99 saturn

Hey everyone! Okay this is the problem it has been intermittent. The car will start and then stall out, the interior dome light goes out, as does the radio and then i cant get it restarted. the first couple of time it seemed to be a fuse but this last time i changed out the fuses and still nothing. any help would be greatly appreciated
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Does the starter rotate the engine but it wont start or does nothing happen at all?Please include as much info as possible.Are you battery cables free of corrosion and tight(requires disconnecting)?The cables could also be loose at the engine block or starter.
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Which fuse(s) are you talking about? The radio fuse?
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Sounds like a combination of problems.

1. Car starting then dying, dead altenator and battery.
2. Car not starting, dead battery

The battery is only needed to start the car, after that it's supposed to get charged by the altenator. At that point the altenator generates all required power to keep the engine on and all electrical.

If you battery dies you won't be able to start your car (if it's a manual transmission you can push start it) If you altinator dies it then turns to your battery to keep everything running but since it's only has so much juice it will eventually drain and your car stops and you won't be able to start it.

Sounds like you have a dead altenator and battery, it possibly might be connecting wires and fuses, but those are the major components not seeming to be functional.

The fuse problem may attribute to the altenator going erratic. The voltage may be spiking supplying too much voltage/current to the equipment thereby blowing out fuses, and possibly your radio and such.

If you battery is somewhat new you might be able to charge it, but at minimum fix the altenator problem. To check the altenator, if you get the car started, measure the voltage at the battery terminals, they should be around(someone help me out here) 14.5Vdc.


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