Headliner repair?


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Question Headliner repair?

Is it possible to reattach the interior headliner to the ceiling of your automobile?
The soft cloth is still in excellent condition but it has completly seperated and resting on my head. Can I do It myself, if so what materials and tools will I need?
Thank you
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probably not...

...but then that depends on what you want it to look like when you get done. the material may look good but what has happened is that the foam backing has separated from the material...no adhesive will hole it back in place...it'll just turn into a mess. i've seen people staple them, screw them, stick plastic retainers in them...and they all look like crap too. your best option for a permanent fix is to have an interior person recover it with new material. i had an astro van with two headliners...i removed them and took them to someone to have them recovered and it only cost $75...so where i saved was in removing it myself. if you have someone do that, be prepared to pay significantly more, that's where all the time is. good luck

ps...the headliner must be removed to recover it
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Yes, don't try to re-attach it without the foam backing material. Tried that a couple times to save a $$$ and just wasted my time. The material is very inexpensive and it isn't too difficult a job to tackle. It's actually harder to remove the foam backing with no damage from the car.

You'll need material (check auto re-upholstery shops) (last time I got it, it was about $30-35 bucks to do a passanger car)
3-M spray on adhesive for headliners
Wire Brush (make sure the surface is really, really clean)
SHARP utility knife or razor blades and a good scissor

If you decide to do it, go slow and follow the instructions for the adhesive. Give your self lots of excess on either side for triming and tucking around.

If you can find someone to do it for $75 that is a good deal and I would jump on it. Last time I asked around, the cheapest I could find in SE PA was in the $120-135 range with the liner removed.

Good luck
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Question Headliner Repair?

Thank You For your Response, I will follow your Instructions.
I have to go through DC inspection, do you think this will interfear with passing?
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I've never heard of anybody not passing because the headliner was drooping. Maybe if it totally obscures vision, but you could just duct tape it up so it doesn't hang down temporarily.
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Headliner Repair

I saw where you can buy little pushbuttom things at Pep Boys auto supply made just for this (and I am sure lots of other places). Won't look the greatest, but cheap and easy and gets it off your head.
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I cut a 1/2 inch slit in the fabric right above my head and squirted Elmer's glue as far I could. Use a pillow or something large and formable to hold it in place until the glue will hold it. About 10 minutes that seems like hours. Then smoth out the fabric with your fingers. Not always pretty but basically no cost and it will pass inspection every time. Plus right over your head, you'll never look up to see that spot if it does not look too pretty.

For an 88 pick up it was fine...

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