My windshield appears to need corrective contact lens


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My windshield appears to need corrective contact lens

I have just bought a used car. I have discovered that the windshield in certain areas appears to be out of focus, even on very clear sun lit days. I have cleaned the windshield several times on the inside and out but it is still a little (very slightly) blurry when I look at clost object just in front of the car. I thought it was my vision but I don't see the same phnomenon sitting in my other car. Can anyone tell me what is happening?
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it could be... of a couple different things. the glass could be defective in the way it was manufactured, it may have been buffed to get rid of scratches and that can cause distortion.

the bottom line is that if the distortion is significanly bad enough to affect your judgement...OR...annoying enough that you can't stand it, you'll have to have the windshield replaced

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