Anyone know about BMW ZR3 ABS Help !!!!!


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Anyone know about BMW ZR3 ABS Help !!!!!

A friend which is a lady, went and bought a 1999 BMW ZR3 it has only 39,000 miles on it. The problem a couple of weeks ago her ABS light came on and stayed on for a while now it comes on and off at no set period. Well she took it to shop and they said it was some kind of box that needed to be replaced and it would be $2500 to repair, well she does not have money after putting money down on it just a couple months ago to buy it. I asked her what kind of box and she does not remember, well I have had good luck posting here and told her I would see if anyone on here could help her, 1st what does it mean when ABS light comes on then goes off ? Is it usually a malfuction in ABS? What could cause it to come on? Thanks for any help or suggestions getting this fixed.
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I'm not sure about the Z3 specifically but almost any car that has an "enthusiast" following probably has a specific site where the gearheads and true car nuts hang out. Since these are often guys who do a lot of hands on stuff with their cars, and there will be lots of owners, hence lots of cars, any persistent problems will be addressed.

I'm not sure if I'm viotating site policy by referring you to a specific site that does troubleshooting threads, but edmunds dot com has chat threads on every make and model of car made. If not there do a search on bmw, clubs, problems.

Good luck
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If the normal brakes are working properly she will be safe to drive the car.Unfortunately exotic foreign cars are expensive to maintain so her choice in cars may have been misguided.Not having money to repair the car means she does not have the income to afford to buy and drive it.This my opinion however but I feel she will be seeing more repair estimates of this nature during her ownership of the car.She more than likely could have bought a new car under warranty for less than the price of that car.So much for keeping up with the Joneses or perhaps attempting to impress them.

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