plymouth acclaim transmission problem


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plymouth acclaim transmission problem

i have a 93 plymouth acclaim, 2.5 auto. driver's side ball joint failed & axle was ruined. had both replaced & now i am having tranny problems. it lacks power, & when i step on the gas it feels like the emergency brake is on, but it isn't. it is also leaking fluid, which it didn't before this happened. i have a $350. repair bill, & now transmission problems which i didn't have before this happened. when the axle pulled out of the transmission, could the tranny have sustained damage? the tech is at a loss to what is wrong, & is sending it out to have the codes read. but, he did say that it may be stuck in 2nd gear. any advice would be appreciated. the vehicle has 155,000 mi. on it, & i don't want to sink any more money big into it. thanx.
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Just curious; why did the tech need to "send it out" to get the codes read? That's basic-level garage stuff. If you're using a garage that can't do simple code-read, maybe time to switch garages.

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