95 chevy C1500 a/c blower issue


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Angry 95 chevy C1500 a/c blower issue

sometimes when the blower switch to the ac is turned on the blower will not activate (compressor does kick in. To get the blower to run you have to reach under the passenger side and tap on the the plenum,then the motor starts. it appears to me to resemble bad start windings. but hate to replace the motor if i was incorrect. my neighbor who has a chevy truck also says they all do that. which tells me it is something simple and not the motor.
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Keep a test light or multimeter nearby and the next time the blower motor is not working check for power and ground. I think that year was still the single purple wire that supplied power and the motor housing was the ground.
If you have good power and ground then the motor is bad.

GM used the same blower motor for many years and they are only about $15-20 so I hope that is all you need.

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Next time it happens just rap on the motor itself. If it starts then, it's a bad motor.
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I'm not sure about 95 Chevys, but a lot of GM vehicles have speed control resistors for the blower motor mounted in the fan plenum. I had an experience where one of these resistors had a bad connection and it caused a similar problem. If there is a wiring harness plug going to a "plate" on the plenum, remove the two screws holding the plate in and there will be coils of wire on the other side of the plate. This is where my problem was.
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it uses a separate relay...

...for each blower speed and they are located behind the glove box. the test light thing is your surest bet...when it doesn't work, probe the wire going into the fan motor and if it lights, replace the motor...not uncommon on older motors. the brushes wear and the commutators tarnish...the vibration from whacking the dash helps get that current flowing

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