91 nissan stanza will not start

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91 nissan stanza ignition switch problem. need wire map

91 stanza. went to gas station. pulled to furthest pump (luckily). forgot to shut off motor. pulled out clutch. car died. got gas. paid. turned key to start car. wouldn't start or turn over at all. full power from battery. push started very easily. got it home. next day. turned key. CAR STARTED! shut off car. turned key again. nothing. wouldn't turn over or anything. dang.

pulled out switch that needs to be pushed in by clutch to start car and bypassed it with jumper wire. still nothing.

traded relay switch under hood with 3 other ones under there (same kind the light blue ones). still nothing.

i think the biggest clue in this mystery is the fact that the car started right up the next day.

now what should i do? push starting every time sucks. thanks for your help in advance.

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..and foremost, rule out the battery...have it tested. if it's weak or passed on...be sure to have the charging system also tested. next...connect a testlight to the little wire on the starter solenoid and have someone try to crank it. if the test light lights, the problem is in the starter or solenoid. if it doesn't light...back track the circuit and see if you have voltage (with the test light) coming out of the ign switch
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still will not start but have more clues.

turned key to try to start. dash lights on but no crank or effort to start. turned key off and took out. dash lights still on.

figured it was ignition switch. ordered new one at parts store. waited for it to get here. got here yesterday. put it in today.

turned key to try to start. dash lights on but no crank or effort to start.
turned key off and took out. dash lights still on. i got no where.

what now? i hope someone has an easy answer, because i am fearing the worst. this car has a history of electrical problems.
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any one got a chilton book

i forgot to mention that accessories (radio, etc) shut off when supposed to. ignition has 5 wires going to it. maybe some one with a chilton can look them up for me and let me know. here is the wire setup below

starting from screw hole going clockwise (each wire has a letter next to it)

A is by the blue wire
B is by the white wire with red stripe
S is by the black wire with yellow stripe
C is by the black wire with white stripe
R is by the black wire with green stripe

The plug end is a 2 x 3 set up like below with the wires that go to the switch on the left (in green) and the wires that go to who knows where (hopefully someone does) on the right (in blue).


| wire B wire S | White wire Black wire/white stripe |

| wire A wire C | Blue wire Black wire/red stripe |

| (blank) wire R | (blank) Black wire/yellow stripe |


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Same with mine...

Hey, Im from Australia and I drive a Ford Corsair, the rebadged version of the australian version of the nissan stanza....got that?

I had the exact same problem tonight I'm almost possitive...Pulled my car to the side of the road and turned it off and when i went to start it, it wouldnt work. It turned over really slowly but not even nearly enough to get it running. I checked all the accesories and they were fine, high beams, stereo everything worked. Push started the car with ease and drove it home.

I noticed a different problem on the way home, when the car was sitting at lights idleing it seemed that it was struggleing to stay alive, but this was a bit of a problem before the car refused to start and could easily be unrelated.

When i got home i turned the car off and attempted to start it up immediatly but the starter didnt even make a sound. Im waiting until tomorow to check whether it will start like you said yours did.

If you figure out what the problem is i would greatly appreciate it if you would share that information with me. Cheers mate.

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