1992 Nissan Maxima stalling problem


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1992 Nissan Maxima stalling problem

Hey All...

my New Zealand drive auto '92 Maxima stalls about one in ten journeys. It seems to happen more when it's raining or when it is hot. The rev counter will wave rapidly between 500 and 2500 imediately before stalling, usually when the car is idle or driving below 50kms. Immediately after stalling the car will not start for about a minute although after that it will turn over as good as new. When the car has stalled the electrics are still working through the obvious stereo, lights, windows etc. I have had the distributor and the spark plugs changed... the transmission and engine have been flushed, the timing, air filter and the computer have been checked as well as a general service carried out and still the problem remains. I have taken the car to three separate mechanics and spent over $2000 trying to remedy the problem and they all seem stumped... please help!
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Stalling Nissan

Try having the EGR valve checked... the valve might be stiking open at times and allowing too much air back into the engine causing the air/fuel mixture to become too diluted to ignite. Hope this helps.
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another area to check is fuel system. Has anyone checked the fuel pressure? Could be a simple fuel filter problem to something with the fuel system.

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