94 probe clutch problems


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94 probe clutch problems

I thought I had posted this problem earlier but can't seem to find it. My standard 4 cylinder probe has a problem with the clutch. Sometimes when I try to shift into 1st or reverse (this is in the morning first start of the day) the gears grind like I haven't got the clutch pushed in. After driving for awhile it gets to the point of almost not being able to shift into any gear at all. Any advice? I have checked the transmission fluid and put some in it but it still has this problem and is getting worse every day.

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I am not extremely familiar with the Ford Probe, but it sounds lik a worn clutch disc or pressure plate. I know Mustangs had a lot of problems with the clutch quadrant. You may check this or for a damaged cable. If you replace the clutch, make sure to have the flywheel resurfaced
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Hydraulic Clutch?

You said something about having to refill the fluid..... Does this car have a hydraulic clutch? ( This would like the one for the brakes but smaller). You may want to check for a leak and try bleeding the system. I'm not an expert in this area, but you may also be able to adjust the clutch pedal freeplay or the slave cylinder rod. It sounds to me like the clutch is not fully releasing, causing the shift problem.
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Just to add to the previous post, if you do find the fluid in the clutch master low, don't even bother trying to fill and bleed it. Just determine whether the master or the slave is leaking and replace it or both. The problem is either hydraulic or a broken pressure plate (assuming it uses hydraulics).

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