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Angry problem with mechanic

i have a 97 dodge caravan. we took it to a local shop, which we have used before, to get the evaporator core replaced. five days later the van still isn't finished. first the part they got was damaged, so that took two days. now everything is put back together, except the headlights are not working. now they are saying that the headlight control module might be bad????? it was working fine when we dropped the van off!!!! oh by the way estimated price for the part $350!!!!!! if it was working when i took it in should i assume they messed something up???
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Depends on your past experience with the shop and how good their reputation is. You were obviously satisfied enough with their previous work to entrust to them a job with a considerable price tag on it. One of the Dodge experts will have to speak to whether the headlight control is anywhere near the work area for the evaporator, but I would be inclined to think that maybe a connector or a relay got knocked loose which might take some detective work to fix. I don't have any experience with the headlight module in a Caravan, but I have to think there are more reasonable alternatives to a $350 part. Might be a part that is a candidate for a junkyard part. If I DID have to spend that much I would want the mechanic to demonstrate to me that the module was bad, i.e. here's the "bad" one plugged in, lights don't work; now we remove that one and plug in the new one - now they work.

I wouldn't automatically assume the shop was at fault. Every shop I know runs into these types of situations which are sometimes referred to as the "you touched it last syndrome", in which anything that goes wrong with a vehicle within a month or so of having been in the shop causes some customers to jump to the conclusion that the shop must have done something.
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Evap cores in Caravans are a cake walk only about a 6-8 hour job if you have done a few.Btw thats a joke.I think it's very possible a wire got pinched,disconnected or a ground wire to the body wasn't reconnected.It's also possible the module died at the shop or earlier without you noticing it.I would suspect the drl's run through the module also.If I had Chrysler wiring diagrams I would take a guess as where to look but I don't.On todays vehicles something may need reset per a special procedure if the module was disconnected during service.I would follow towguys advice and say show me but I would want to be present during the removal of the old module to make sure it's connected properly.I really think something got missed or accidently damaged(wiring related)or the module was bad before you got there.

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