90' Accord help


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Unhappy 90' Accord help

After my car wouldn't start today, I was checking the plug wires and after pulling each one off of the plug, saw there was oil dripping from three out of the four. I'll be heading back with tools this weekend to do something? if anyone could help out on the problem i'd be greatfull.
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You would need to check for spark,fuel pressure,injector pulse and see if the camshaft is turning(bad timing belt)that is your starting point if you wish to diagnose the root cause.
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If you are saying that there is oil dripping from the spark plug boots then the tube seals are bad. You have to remove the valve cover to replace them. There is one for each plug. They seal oil from getting into the spark plug wells fron the camshaft/valve train area. They are roung and similar to an o-ring. If ther is enough oil in there it could cause the plugs not to fire.

The first thing I would do is clean all the oil from the plug boots with a spray electrical contact cleaner and dry thouroughly. Then soak all the oil you can from the plug wells. After you get most of it out you can pull the plugs & let the remainder go into the cylinders. Put the plugs in the boots and ground all of the plugs. Crank the engine several times to get rid of most of the oil. Wipe any left over oil from the plug wells with a rag on the end of a long 3/8" extension or something similar. Put the plugs back in and see if it will start. If it does you need to replace the plug seals. If it does not follow Davo's advice and find out why it will not start. When you get it going you should replact the tube seals.

When you are finished do not forget to anti-seize the plug threads.
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Thank you for the quick response

The car runs great and usually starts on 1 crank like it did today so I'm hoping this is the problem. I haven't looked at the plugs but the oil on the boots tells me thats why they are not firing. I could smell gas in the oil that i wiped off the boot and the first thing i did was remove the air filter cause it's dirty so thats when I discovered the oil on the boots (gas, air, spark). Are these seals common and easily available at the parts store and what should i refer to them as when asking, tube seals?
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Everything went great. Replaced the valve cover gasket and tube seals without a hitch and it fired right up and is running smooth

Thanks for the help on this one!

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Josh: I'm glad it went easy for you, and you did not spend a lot of time or money chasing other causes when it was pretty obvious from your symptoms what the problem was likely to be.

I assume you had no trouble finding the parts. They should be available at most any auto store. Honda calls them tube seals but the auto store may have called them something else.

I'm glad to help. And it is good that you had a happy ending.
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Yes, i found the parts right away. I purchased the valve cover gasket and it came with the tube seals, spark plug seals, and retaning washers(name?) that hold the valve cover on. I replaced everything but the spark plug seals as I wasn't quite sure where they went. Holy cow all the parts that were once rubber just snapped apart because they were so hard and brittle.

Thanks again!

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