shakey celica


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shakey celica

i've had my '95 Toyota Celica for alittle over 2 years, and it has just under 160,000 miles on it. it has always had alittle shake or vibration when driving and idling, but never enough to cause a problem. this summer, it has gotten worse, and i've done just about everything i can to try to fix it. i've had about 5 estimates of possible problems, all with different results. at the beginning of july i had a fuel injection cleaning, and the shaking stopped completely, but only for a month. it is worse now than ever. the steering wheel moves, as does everything that is sitting in my car, but only when accelerating and sometimes braking, otherwise is just the same vibration as before. i was told that i needed a tune up, a new motor mount, a new transmission mount, OR new CV axels. can someone tell me what is wrong with my car?? thanx! (and this my or may not be related, but every once in a while, usually when its really hot outside my car will start, but the rpms will quickly drop and unless i give it alot of gas, or put it into gear right away, the rpms will drop completely and the engine shuts off. im not too worried because it doesnt happen often, but, could this be related??) THANX!

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a car with that mileage may be needing all the stuff you listed if you do have bad motor or transmission mounts then i would suggest you start there, but find a reputable shop that you trust first, to do a diagnossis on the vehicle so they can better be able to suggest where you start at on fixing the problems with the vehicle.
so now it shakes on acceleration and braking not just at idle?
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i went to the dealer, and they were the ones that told me i needed a tune up to fix the shaking. that didnt make any sense, so i took it to a place i always go to, and they recommended me to a local transmission place, those being the people that think its the CV axels. does anyone want to tell me what a CV axel does, to start?

the car has a little shake/vibration all the time, but it shakes BADLY only at acceleration and braking. oh, i forgot to mention 4 nearly brand new tires (2 six months old, 2 one month old), all aligned and balanced and no warped rotars.

thanx, kerry.
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Now, why would you question a dealer's diagnosis? Did they actually examine it? Do you think the guy at the corner shops knows more than the dealer about your car? Like Bejay said, with that mileage, you probably need everything that's been suggested and if you think your going to pick one minor repair and that's going to cure all your problems, forget it. Start repairing the known problems first and see what your left with. That's if that car is even worth the investment, which I doubt.
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a cv joint is what transfers the power from your transmision to your wheels there is 2 cv joints on each axle or half shaft and are most commonly repaired by replacing the half shaft you have a half shaft going from each front wheel to the transmission.
if the cv joints are badly worn out they can cause a vibration and also usually make noise during turns.
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Very difficult to diagnose without driving it.

If it only shakes on accel and assuming it's not an engine miss and

(a) if the CV Joint boot clamps look like they have leaked grease.

(b) and if you hold the housing of the joint and move the axel portion up&down with slight play the axels are NG. You are checking the inboard joint but not the portion that enters the tranaxle. You are checking the parts connected to both sides of the boot.

Vibration braking has to due with a rotor or hub not true.

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