2000 toyota camry air conditioning


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2000 toyota camry air conditioning

My air conditioning is cool at first then after it has been on for a while it doesnt cool when at a idle i notice that the compressor stays on ok when car isnt hot but after it gets hot the compressor kicks on and off and i dont get cold air some times a a red light i get warm air ? can any one help?

I have another problem i have notice on the fan speeds , I don't have the first two speeds dont work only the last two higher speeds . when on the higher speeds it always blowing and ther is no blowing on the two lower speeds .
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re air conditioning problem

you maybe low on referigerant your best bet would be to take it to a shop and have the ac system checked to see if its low on referigerant about the fan speed there is a resister pack in line that maybe malfunctioning causing your slow speeds not to work or it could be electrical get a wiring diagram and trace the circuit to find the problem good luck
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Might want to also check that your cooling fan(s) are working properly, the ones on the radiator. Can't remember how the ones on my '95 Camry go, but I think they are two speed; low most of the time and kicks up to high when temp goes up.
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re fans

cooling fans are either all the way on or off there is no inbetween that i know of but true check and make sure the fan is comming on for the condenser its on the front of vehicle good luck
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i dont get cold air some times a a red light i get warm air ?
What you describe is somewhat normal. For the A/C to work efficiently it needs at least 1500 rpm, at idle (700 rpm) it won't be as cold.

BTW: have it set on "Recirc" and the air blowing out at "Face".

I often see people set it to "Face" and blowing out the "Foot" position. That is inefficient because cold air drops. It's better to start it high and drop through the cabin.

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