'00 Toy. Corolla - Get up & go Got up & left


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'00 Toy. Corolla - Get up & go Got up & left

Hi everyone! I really like this web-site. Here's my issue:

2000 Toyota Corolla, 4-door
1.8 liter 4-cylinder
4 speed auto. trans.
55K miles

motor has been very sluggish past few months, stalls when engine cold, especially if A/C is running. when warmed up, still very sluggish when accelerating from a stop. new air filter installed.

could this be a spark plug problem? or a fuel-filter problem? or something else?

no spark plug wires to replace, just spark plugs, which are Iridium-tipped, dealer-only parts. my local auto parts store sold me Bosch platinum plugs, which appear to be ceramic-tipped @ about $8.00 for set of four. local Toyota dealers want $13.75 for EACH Iridium-tipped plug ($58.30 for set, incl. tax! Yikes!). will harm be done if I installed the cheaper Bosch plugs? dealer told me Toyota recommends Iridium plugs be replaced every 90K miles. I believe Platinum has the same chemical make-up as Iridium, but what's the big difference of what the plug tip is?

as for the fuel filter, it's located inside fuel tank. (again, dealer-only part for $39) dealer told me I could access by removing back seat cushion. do I need to get a gasket or anything else once tank seal is opened? is it a time consuming process after seat cushion is easily removed? I don't mind replacing this or shopping at the dealer if it would help sluggishness. I'm just trying to accurately identify the issue.

any information would be appreciated. thanks for reading this!
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I would probably start by checking the car for codes or anything out of the ordinary. I don't believe plugs will make the care run slugish, and a plugged fuel filter (unusual at 50K miles) will give you the same symptoms all the time (cold or hot), with the worse happening when accelerating.
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for starters toyotas dont like bosch plugs,use toyota plugs when your due for them,as far as your performance problem you may want to have someone check your mass air fow meter.we have had alot of malfunctions with them..
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thanks for advise guys. new plugs didn't solve problem, no codes to check. i will look into mass air flow meter issue.
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...and experiance with Bosch platinums...they cause more problems than anything...esp with asian vehicles. i agree with TM...use the good stuff. i mean...you installed them yourself, didn't you? you saved at least and hours labor doing that...why cheap on the parts?

PS...my wifes truck uses iridium plugs too...and yes...i put AC plugs back in it
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You would clean the mass air sensor.

Remove the two screws and plug and look down inside it. You will find two very small resistor looking things. Spray with brake clean or simular and blow off. It is not the thermistor on the outside that has two metal strips with the brownish blob on them.
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Bosch Platinum

What is up with the Bosch Plats?
I've ( & everyone I know) had bad experiences with them in domestics
Now I see the asian engines don't like em either
Not trying to bash a potential advertiser, just looking for knowledge/insight
What do they run well in? German cars?
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thanks everyone for your help! i identified & resolved the problem...the '00 corolla is running good as new. the iridium plugs remain unchanged. the MAF (mass air flow) sensor wires were DIRTY! i stumbled across the below linked website...complete with detailed instructions & color photos, followed each step and cleaned the very small wires. i'm glad they had pictures, cuz i would have never of found the small wires.


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