Location of voltage reg on 85 ram van??


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Salmonslammer I
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Location of voltage reg on 85 ram van??

I am 1k miles from home right now and my alt or volt reg has took a poop. Can anyone give me the location of it???? It's a 318. All my manuals are at home. I metered out the battery and it was at 9.6v running at 1500 RPM. Im off to the auto parts store to get alt tested right now..figure I might as well do both.
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If I remember correctly (and it is highly likely that I might not) I thought it was part of the alternator.
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Salmonslammer I
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I thought that too... I had a buddy of mine go to the house and get the chiltons.... In the wiring scematic it shows an external VR....yet I can't find it..
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The voltage regulator should be located on the firewall near the computer.
If this is EFI the alternator is controlled by the computer.
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Correct, the regulator is in the computer for all fuel injected vehicles, Chrysler that is.
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Salmonslammer I
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It's not efi.....does that still make a difference?
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As I remember the voltage regulator is located high on the firewall slightly to the left of center looking at the engine with the hood open. Three bolts hold it and when I changed mine there were 3 different sized bolts. It may be buried under some wiring. The bolts are important to get tight as they provide a ground.
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Salmonslammer I
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Found it.......Passenger side, behind the wiper motor, buried under a bunch of wiring harnesses.... Thanks again!!

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