Check engine light on '99 Wrangler


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Check engine light on '99 Wrangler

Any ideas on what would cause the check engine light to come on? I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler with about 43,000 miles. The vehicle is running fine, no obvious problems that I can detect. Thanks.
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could be...

...a plethora of things. take it to (ack!!) autozone and have the codes read. don't buy any parts or listen to much they say...instead, post the exact number with any letters back in here and get some guidance
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The list is endless, but even a guess would be useless to you without getting the codes from the computer.
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The check engine light stayed on for 1 day and then went off on its own; however, I took it to Autozone anyway and the number from the AutoZone computer is P0138; The printout also has: TROUBLECODE OBDII (ALPHA) P CODE

The PCM has determined that the input voltage from oxygen sensor 2 in bank 1 is too high for current operating conditions.
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Your probably going to have to take that one to a shop for diagnosis. They're going to have to do some investigating to determine where that voltage is coming from. It could be many things.

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