Jetta starter grinding


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Jetta starter grinding

I have a '99 VW Jetta GL, new body style, 5-speed with the 2.0 engine.
76k miles. The starter has started making a slight grinding noise after
starting the engine--mechanic says it needs a new starter because Bendix
gear is not retracting. I read the Chilton manual and this looks to me like a procedure I could do, but it warns that disconnecting the battery can cause 'driveability problems that require a scan tool to remedy'; and to use an auxiliary voltage input device before disconnecting the battery. Do I need to do this? The VW manual doesn't say anything about this; just to be sure to disconnect the battery. Also, am I better off with a new Autolite starter or a rebuilt Bosch? Thanks much!
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not sure why you would have driveability problems from disconnecting the battery as most computers relearn but im not familiar with vw.
the power input device is usually just a 9 volt battery attached to a lighter plug in, this keeps the radio stations and clock set so you dont have to reset them but it isnt necassary if you dont mind reseting the radio and clock.
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dont worry about that. My manual says the same thing. I had to reset my ECU after installing a different air filter. I just disconnected my battery and afterwards it drove better(computer relearns itself with different airflow from filter). It would be ridiculous if every time you had to get a new battery you would have to spend hundreds of dollars to have the dealer rescan your computer.

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