front end buzz


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front end buzz

I have a '90 Corsica, 2.2, AT. It has 89,000+ miles. I bought it used 3 years ago from the original owner. Within the last year I have replaced the brakes, front left rotor, exhaust system, and front tires. I change oil and filter every 5K miles and keep up with routine maint as required. Today I had the right drive shaft and control arm assy replaced.
Two weeks ago the vehicle started buzzing as though something was rubbing the tire(s). The noise gets louder at higher speeds up to 50 mph then does not get any louder. This buzz was quiet at first and has increased until it is at the current level. I can't hear the sound below 30mph or if I am driving in reverse. The sound disappears if I turn even slightly to the left while driving but returns when brought back to center or turn right. The noise also decreases slightly when the front rebounds, rises, after crossing road irregularities or ripples in the road surface.
I have taken both front tires off and looked for a loose fender liner, a stick caught in something, anything out of place or out of the ordinary. There is nothing to show anything is broken or out of place. There are no rub marks on any metal, plastic or rubber nor is there any indication of a lost wheel weight. The brake rotors look good and the pads have plenty left on them.
At all speeds the vehicle tracks like it is on rails, no wander or sway anywhere. Highspeed braking with hands off wheel just stop the car, no wandering, pulling or surprises of any kind.
I'm out of ideas and am looking for some advice.
Don't advise me to sell the car, it's my wife's and she loves the thing.
Thanks for any and all replies.
PS: Sorry for the long post.

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Sounds like a wheel bearing.
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you might try rotating the tires front to rear to see if the noise goes to the rear to eliminate possible tire noise.
you can check the wheel bearings for play by jacking up the car one front wheel at a time and grasping the tire and wiggling side to side and up and down any movement may indicate a bad bearing or other front end component that is worn out.
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Thanks for the replies. I will switch tires fr to back to eliminate that possibility.
Since I'll have the wheels off, I'll remove all inner fender plastic and look for anything unusual.
As much as I hate to admit it, it probably is the bearings, left side since the right side is less than a week old.
If I remember correctly, these bearings are not repairable. Looks like I'm in for another half shaft.
Thanks again.
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Bearing has nothing to do with the half shaft/axle.

Pretty sure on GM's they come as as sealed hub unit that bolts in.

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