1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee condensation inside


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Question 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee condensation inside

I am getting condensation under my rear passenger seat, from the air conditioning unit. Can anyone tell me where the drain might be stooped up, causing the water to run to the inside. It's quite a lot of water, and it keeps my carpet wet, only on the passenger side, and primarily in the back.

Thank you!
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If it is condensation doing that, then you can be sure the front is saturated also. The drain is nearly impossible to access. It drains into the frame rail just behind the right front wheel. Some of the Chrysler guys may have some tricks for doing that but i know it's tough to access.
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you can drill a small hole in the drain from inside the vehicle and then insert a wire through the drain to make sure it is clear and seal the hole you just made with silicone.
but I kinda doubt that is the problem if you dont notice water up front on the passenger side, pull back the carpet a little up front if its dry it is coming from elsewhere.
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Front is saturated too

Thanks guys! You are both right on the money! The jeep service guy told me that it emtied into a 90 degree hose with a duckbill end, but I can see no evidence of that. It appears to be into a rail as suggested here.

I thought about drilling and sealing, but was concerned that I might cause more problems. I feel more confident in tht approach now.

To make it nearly impossible, I also have the V8 engine. It leaves about enough room to slide a 3' long pinky finger up the firewall, and no room to work at all.

One more question please. Is it possible that the frame rail is clogged and full, and that I might be able to drill somewhere underneath to create a neww drain path?
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pass side floorboard wet

remove the foam rubber from around the a/c drain in pass floorboard. clean well . use RTV or URATHANE to seal around hole in the body where the a/c drain is.

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