'91 Honda Accord Oil Leak


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'91 Honda Accord Oil Leak

I have a 1991 Honda Accord, 2.2L, Auto Transmission with 110,000 miles. It has an oil leak, from what it looks like, coming from somewhere between the head and the timing belt cover, right near the valve cover. Thought it was the valve cover gasket, changed it with an oem Honda gasket, still leaking. Thought it could be the cam gear seal but, when I took the upper timing belt cover off, there is no sign of oil on or near the cam gear or the timing belt, everything is dry, no signs of oil slinging from being on the gear. Timing belt, cam gear seal, water pump and crankshaft seal were all changed at 90,000 miles. Could it possibly be the head gasket? I have seen no signs of antifreeze in the spots that are left on the ground. Is there an oil valley in that certain corner of the head?
Any help will be greatly appreciated, being that this is the wife's car and she dont like to drive my, what she calls "old" 1965 VW beetle or my 1990 Chevy truck.

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I have a 90 and 92 accord and both have had the original oil pressure sending unit leak above the oil filter. It is easy to replace with the filter off. Not sure if that if where yours is coming from but I could see it from above after cleaning everything off and watching while running.
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Not likely to be head gasket. Not sure about Hondas, but Toyota oil pumps are in the same area and sometimes develop leaks.

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