Accord oxygen sensor, plugs, etc


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Accord oxygen sensor, plugs, etc

Hello there!

My accord has 90K miles on it and I took my car to a Honda dealer for regular oil change. He mentioned that I need to change spark plug, engine coolant,transmission flid, around 90K and spend ~$400. He also said that my Oxygen sesnor is running LEAN and nees to be replaced..also the 'computer" in the car needs ot be cost for this is $1500-1800. He also mentioned that my vehicel 'may' not pass the emission test.

Any thoughts on whether I can confim theese things? or should I go ahead anc change the O2 sensor? Does this affect the car's performance if I delay in replacing o2 sensor?

please advise.
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check your owners manual most of that should be listed and at what mileage it should be performed at some manufacturers do recomend changing the o2 sensor as maintence some dont.
but if all they was doing was an oil change there is no way they could determine if your o2 was reading lean or if the computer is bad I would suggest an other opinion at another reputable shop even if its not the dealership.
lots of things can affect emmisions test if you live where one is required most shops have an exhuast anylizer and can tell you if your emmisions is to high you may ask them to check it at the next shop you take it in to get the vehicle looked at.
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I wonder if anyone ever goes that shop and gets a simple oil change without them recommending 100's or 1000's of dollars in maintenance needed. Doesn't it seem outrageous for someone to pay $1500-1800 on an oil change, spark plugs, coolant and trans. fluid change, O2 sensor, and a new computer?

Why the heck would you need a new computer? Is the check engine light on? He wants to replace the computer based on "it may not pass the emission test"? What kind of a diagnosis is that? Any car may or may not pass the emission test. Its very likely not to be a bad computer if the emission test fails.

Get your emissions tested somewhere if you want but I seriously doubt you need a new computer. You should be fine delaying the O2 sensor if the check engine light is not on. Most everyone I know never replace it for maintenance reasons and have no problems. Even if it goes bad the car isn't going to break down. Its always best to follow the owners manual though as bejay mentioned. I also agree with bejay on taking your car to a reputable shop. Stay away from that particular dealer!!!
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Honda does not recoment oxygen sensor replacement as a maintenance item. I have talked to several Honda mechanics. They say they seldom go bad, and when they do it is usually the heater in the sensor. If the sensor goes bad it will set a code and turn on the check engine light.
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Personally, I don't have a problem with replacing the spark plugs and changing the coolant and trans fluid. If they recommend flushing the trans - JUST SAY NO! Snake oil! Same with engine oil flushes. 'Nuff said.

As for the O2 sensor, I'd want to know WHY it is reading lean before I replaced it. Could be a vacuum leak, fuel pump starting to fail, etc.

WHY IN THE WORLD do they want to replace the PCM (computer)? Does the car run? Is the Check Engine lite on?

Be very careful in dealing with this mechanic. Unless they can give you VALID reasons (as in a DEFINITIVE diagnosis), I would run away from them as fast as I could.

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Why would the mechanic test the O2 sensor when the car was brought in just for an oil change? (if it was really even tested) Chances are he would find more things that needed to be "fixed" as he worked on it.

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