'98 ford explorer - replace cruise control switch


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'98 ford explorer - replace cruise control switch

Anyone know how to replace the cruise control switch from a í98 explorer XLT? I am guessing that I might have to remove the steering wheel; how do I do this? Or should I just pull the rubber of the horn off. I am a bit worried about deploying the airbag. Is this something that I should have a mechanic do because of the airbag? It seems like it should be fairly easy to replace. The part is just a little switch to screw in and connect the wire to.

Itís the right switch (the one with the coast; accelerate; resume buttons). The plastic stems holding it to the steering wheel just broke off so now itís just hanging from the wire. It still works.

How should I do this?
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first disconnect the ground wire from the battery and wait a couple of minutes. then remove the horn/air bag being careful not to pull too hard because there is 2 connections to unplug behind it, they should be the ones hooked into the air bag assy. then disconnect the connector going between the steering wheel spokes, they are on the right. then remove the torx bolt holding the steering wheel to the column. you will need a puller to pull the steering wheel off, be careful not to pull the other connector that is still connected to the column when you pull the wheel, just feed it between the spokes. then you have to remove the shroud on the back of the wheel to get the switch wiring out. dont overtighten the new switch screws when installing. just reverse the procedure to reassemble. good luck.

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