Smelly 95 Camry


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Smelly 95 Camry

Thanks for the replies. I know absolutely nothing about cars. If I buy some kind of deoderizer to put in air conditioner, do I spray this stuff in the heater coil? Is there any easy way for someone to explain how I do this?

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Well, first off, is the smell directly related to anything in particular? For instance did someone leave a window down in the rain and now it smells musty or does it smell from cigarette smoke? Some of the smell (whatever it might be) can be in the heating/AC ducting and such, but normally the main problem with smells in cars is in the carpet and upholstery. If you can get close enough to the air intake for the fan you can lightly spray whatever you are using with the fan on high; don't overdue it.

This is going to sound a little gross, but from time to time I have customers ride in my wrecker who smell so bad I have to roll my window down to keep my lunch where it belongs. My solution is to carry a spray bottle of Fabreeze behind the seat. When I need to "deodorize" the cab I break it out and spritz the seats and floorboards. They make an automotive spray, but I use the ordinary household variety.
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smelly camry

did the smell just start or did it get worse over time. is it possible for a mouse or other rodent to have climbed up the heater ducs and died its also possible its caused by the ac bacteria builds up in the condenser from mositure and a simple deoderizer may fix it just some stuff to keep in mind
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Good point, toy/lex. Also sometimes leaves collect in bad places (like near the fresh air intake) and decay to the point of smelling.
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Since the poster specifically mentioned the air conditioner, I have to assume the problem is mildew on the evaporator. This is a common problem and not always that easy to cure. The biggest problem is access to the offending part. They make a few products for this purpose but you may need help to get it where it needs to go. household bleach will work if sprayed directly on the evaporator but it's not recommended because of it's corrosive properties. A shop that specializes in A/C repairs should be able to help you out.
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cabin filter?

Have you checked to see if this model has a cabin air filter? I have a 2004 that has to be either cleaned or replaced. It's located behind the glove box. Good luck.
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Pick up a disinfectant that you can spray into the inside air intake in the passenger side footwell with the A/C on in recirculate mode. Spray lysol where the fresh air enters the A/c system.

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