Bad Gas Mileage 99 Escort ZX2 ATX with A/C


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Bad Gas Mileage 99 Escort ZX2 ATX with A/C

Howdy all,

Can't quite figure this one out, so thought I'd ask for some advice. Mine is a 99 ZX2 with 120k miles on her. The problem is that the gas mileage has dropped like a stone lately. When I first bought the car with 20k miles, it used to get between 280-320 (28-32mpg) on a tank, but over the past year, that fell off to 260-300 (26-30mpg) per fillup. Now, though, she's dropped to 200-220 per tank (20-22mpg)!!! Odd, I'd say. Yes, I know I have a lot of miles on her, but the odd thing is, overall, the car runs better than I can ever remember! Here's a recent timeline of what's been done to the vehicle.

1. Timing belt replaced last fall, along with ATX tranny fluid and filter.
2. Tuneup a couple of months ago, including coil, wires, and plugs (APP double plats from Autolite). Car has seemed to have more "punch" and run smoother with these plugs.
3. Replaced K&N filter with normal paper one to test if the K&N was the problem.
4. PCM showing no codes, either.

Also, note the following.

1. I performed the Keman mod years ago (2001?) where I removed the resonators, but that is about it for "mods".
2. I've noticed on the last few fill-ups at the gas station, that the car has a VERY STRONG fuel-y smell when you get in the car and drive off. The first time it happened, I thought maybe I'd spilled some on me, but no.

So, I'm at my wits' end. Maybe the timing? the PCM is dying and needs replaced? the 02 sensor (only one right?) dragging brakes? reset the PCM? leaking fuel lines or tank? Any and ALL suggestions welcome here. Thanks. (Other possibilities I've seen on other websites include the MAF, and I also wonder if the A/C clutch could be going out, causing drag on the engine. I'm driving it without A/C through the next fillup to see.)

PS What's odd about this whole damn thing is the fact that the car seems to be running better that it ever did. And one other thing, I'm not a hot-rodder; pretty much keep it at road speeds.
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One of the Ford experts should be along, but the fuel smell after fill-ups, I think, is going to be a key point. I'm thinking a problem with the vapor recovery system (the charcoal cannister and assorted check valves, etc that keep fuel vapors in the tank from escaping into the atmosphere).

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