Leaky Rear Main Seal?


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Leaky Rear Main Seal?

Here's my problem...I suspected my rear main seal of being leaky so I ripped everything apart...There was quite a bit of oil on my driveway after idling there for about 15 seconds (about a 4 inch puddle)...
Now that I have everything apart and I have taken a look; here is my conclusion...(or my problem I should say)...Judging by the amount of oil that was on my driveway I suspected a very bad seal...However, the seal in fact looks fine; it's a little oily at the bottom but not TOO bad...Also, with a leak that bad I expected to see oil all over the flywheel, clutch and pressure plate...but there is little to none, maybe a touch on the flywheel but that's it...With this in mind I'm lead to believe that the leak is an oil pan gasket leak, and not a main seal...BUT there is still a bit of oil inside of the bell housing?

I've made a cardomain site of some pictures I took of the bell housing, main seal, etc. etc. so I was hoping someone with a little more knowledge on this could take a look and give me their opinions on the issue...Otherwise I think I'll just go ahead and replace both the main seal and the oil pan.
The link is http://www.cardomain.com/id/leakyseal
Thanks for your time!

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Just two weeks ago I had a transmission leak from the bellhousing area that was very severe, it would drip a drop of fluid every 5 seconds or so. So I expected to pull the trans and find a front pump seal all soaked and the bellhousing and torque converter soaked. Pull the trans, barely any evidence of a fluid leak. So I replace the seal, put all back together, and its all better.

My point is that even though it was leaking very badly, doesnt mean that there is going to be alot of evidence to support it. If there is some evident leaking, then you definitly have a bad seal and should replace it. I dont know what type of vehicle it is, so it may be easier to replace the pan gasket while you are in there and should probably do it for piece of mind. Its no fun doing the the same job twice.
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Good pics,
This must be for a T-5 for your 5-liter
The flywheel looks funky
Is it a HD or performance piece, or are the new stock ones like that?
Maybe it's just the shot
Well I think you should replace them both, but I share your concern
With such a big leak I would expect to see more oil inside too
Maybe some more people will chime in
Great idea to post a link to those pictures
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Very well done on the ID, I'm impressed!
Sorry I didn't even think of mentioning the engine;
But yes, That's a stock, machined flywheel...
Thanks for all the help so far!

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I was just going to ask if it was a t5 too. the rear main does look like it's leaking, but not too bad. Replace it. Just be careful, if you groove the crank with your screwdriver, it will leak for sure, then you'll have to sleeve the crank. replace the pilot bearing while you're in there too.

Most likely your leak is coming from the lower intake or the valve covers, not the pan or rear main, this is where I almost always see major leaks come from that get blamed on the rear main.
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