'89 Toyota Celica GT speedometer


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Question '89 Toyota Celica GT speedometer

1989 Toyota Celica GT: speedometer shows 5-7 miles per hour fasters than actual speed. Tires are proper size as per tag on car door. Bought car used and don't know history. Trying to make it safe for daughter to drive. Only other things wrong, cruise control won't work, power mirrors don't work. Slowly but surley getting it right!...lol. Need speedometer to be right though. Would this be a problem with the gear at the transmission or dash board or electronic? Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!
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Just a guess...speedometer needs to be calibrated.
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Okay...I have heard that statement before. Where would I go to have it calibrated, the dealer only? I live in a small town in Western Kentucky, not alot here...lol.
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Call some local shops or stores that sell new tires or custom wheels. You might find a shop that will calibrate the speedometer or someone that can refer to you someone who can do it. It might not be as hard to find as you might think considering the popularity of non-stock rims.
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Alright, I live in a small town and have talked to everyone I can find about doing this. With out, (basically), a trial and error approach as to changing trans gears, nobody seems to know what to do! Start guessing and those gears can get expensive!...lol
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There really isn't different gears available to recalibrate those speedo's,

Are you sure the correct size tires are on there? They are usually on the $.

How did you deterimine it is off?
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Do you mean 5mph off @ 50mph, 7mph off @ 70mph? as in 10% off?
Or you are going 20mph & it reads 25-27mph, @ 70mph it reads 75-77mph?
Did you use mile markers to calibrate it, or one of those radar trailer readouts?
Or your own radar gun/g-tech unit?

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