2001 Aurora DTC P0410


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2001 Aurora DTC P0410

Hi guys:

A friend of mine has a 2001 Olds Aurora 3.5 and recently the check engine light is illuminated most of the time. Only rarely does it stay off for any great length of time. We had the codes pulled and P0410 is the only one that can be read.

I have read a few articles throughout the web and some mention that the air pump has to be replaced, a kit is available with new hoses, clamps, etc., and possibly the check valve needs to be replaced.

I have also read that water gets trapped in the pump thus seizing it and preventing it from delivering fresh air to the cats in order to lower emissions at cold starts and situations under WOT when the mixture is deliberately rich.

I priced out a pump today at the dealer and they want $300 Canadian. That seems a bit steep. The car only has 70,000 km on it (42,000 miles) and it's just out of factory warranty.

Is there something I can possibly look into before he takes the car into the dealer and lets them service the vehicle?

I was also wondering if there was anything within the air pump's circuit that I could possibly service without having to replace any parts or are these parts sealed and considered non-serviceable?

Thanks for your time.
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Check all the vacuum hoses and valves first.

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