Buick Frontend Problems


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Buick Front End Problems

I have a 1993 Buick Century, 4 door sedan, 82,000 miles, that has front end problems that two mechanics have not been able to diagnose.The problem seems to be in the front wheels. It feels like they wobble. The strange thing is, I do not have the problem while I am accelerating. As long as I keep my foot on the gas pedal, I don't have the problem. If I brake, or just take my foot off the gas pedal the wobbling starts. I can hear and feel the wobble. It also happens when I go over railroad tracks. The first mechanic, which is one I always use, looked the car over and said the problem was the struts. I knew the struts needed replacing but told him that I thought they were not the problem but had them replaced anyway. It did not solve the problem. He did not see any other problems. I had another mechanic inspect the car and he said it could be the ball joints( I am not sure what that is). He didn't seem too sure that replacing them would solve the problem so I didn't let him do the work. I really don't want to spend the money unless I am relatively sure replacing the ball joints would solve the problem. I am not that financially well off that I can start replacing things to rule them out as being the problem. Can anyone please give me an idea of what the problem could be? Should I go ahead and replace the ball joints? Thanks for your help. Debby
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well you should probably get it checked out at a shop that specializes in wheel alignments and front end work and tires.
based on your description a bad tire or tire with a pulled belt is very likely.
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Front End Problems

Thank you for the advice. I will take the care to a Fleet Tire Service Center and have them check it out. Debby

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